The Rolf Benirschke Story— A Second Chance

Watch as Rolf is given a second chance to live and kick in one of the most remarkable games in NFL history.

Rolf Talks Health Technology and Innovation

Rolf Benirschke’s interview on Sports Talk, a live sports show on ABC News Channel 8 in Washington D.C.

Rolf Benirschke and Great Comebacks—Thirty Years of Patient Support

Hear the words of Great Comebacks® Program founder Rolf Benirschke, who first shed light on living with an ostomy with his return to the NFL after surgery.

Rolf Speaks of Hope, Courage, and the Human Spirit

Rolf’s recent documentary interview, filmed when he led a symposium on IBD with Dr. Corey A. Siegel at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center.